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This is the pride of our site: our Message Board designed to offer support, compassion and information to all of those with or know of someone that has an ICD. Our many members offer their time to attend to the problems and adjustment to life with an ICD. Who better to discuss this topic with better then those of us already implanted with one. Come on in and join, give us a try. We are sure you will appreciate all this area has to offer!

By clicking on the link below, you will find the message area. If you aren?t a member you may read any of the thousands of posts already there, but to participate you must register on the board. A waiting period for approval is in place to lessen the occurrence of spam on our board.

Please be aware there are currently two message boards (long, boring story). The top one is the original where there is a temporary delay in being able to sign in new members. It has almost 10 years of postings and conversations. It is an incredible resource. The bottom one is experimental. You can sign in, post, reply and so on. But it is experimental and most likely temporary in nature (but then isn't everything in life). Have fun.

Message Board (original)

Message Board (experimental)