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To keep everyone on top of changing health news, the ICD Support Group will do its best to update and provide links to particular ICD/Heart/Health related issues. It is important to remember that we are in control of our health care and keeping current is one of the best ways to keep control. Also, any suggestion or links may be sent in to us on the links page.

There are four* major manufacturers of defibrillation devices (ICDs, CRTs, etc). They are identified below and link to their respective patient support page. Boston Scientific and St. Judes have short interesting videos that are also very informative about heart issues and highly recommended.


Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific
St. Judes

St. Judes Medical


* Boston Scientific (formerly Guidant) acquired Cameron Health in late 2012. Cameron Health is/was best known for the S-ICD, a defibrillator without leads. There is a fifth ICD maker, Sorin. They appear to have a much larger presence overseas and have not been mentioned on our Support Forum. (When they are, we will include them here)

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